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I want to be a history maker

Yesterday was a historical day in our nation. I know that isn’t news to you. Unless, of course, you don’t watch the news.

I have no intention of making this blog a political one. That is not my calling. I respect people who tell us what’s going on in the political arena and where I can be making a difference.

I have my political views but I never want to be so caught up in politics that I forget my first allegiance is to Jesus. And with that comes a love for his people that is more important to me than my world views. So, regardless if President Obama is your guy or not. He is now our president, who has been placed into office. We are commanded to respect his position and pray for him.

I watched much of the inauguration ceremonies yesterday. The part that moved me most was that 100 years ago this would have all been just a dream. So many people through the years have played a key or sometimes a very low key part in this day happening. Who would have ever thought that a slave or a black son would grow up to be President of the United States. No one back then, I am sure! It is a victory for all of us in that regard. It is triumph for all the people who risked their lives hiding and transporting people in the underground railroad. For all the tears shed and injustice that was served….it is justice for those who gave.

I have been thinking about ways that my life has been affected in other areas because of choices that my parents and grandparents made.

My grandfather was given life and put up for adoption when he was a baby. His mother chose to give him life, which in turn gave me life. She has affected four generations because of that choice.

So often it’s easy to forget the decision that I make today will affect generations to come.

It’s not just about me. My actions have far reaching implications. I may not see that today. But one day whether here or up there, I believe I will.

My decision to live my life passionately instead of mediocre does change the way I “do” life. It changes my perspective. It gives me new priorities.

How about you? What do you want to change in the world you influence? Whose life will you make a difference in? How do you want to be remembered?

Just a couple of questions I’m pondering……


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  1. I hope first to live a passionate life for Christ and for my family to always feel safe with me. I want them to always feel that their dreams and secrets are safe when they share them with me.Yesterday a complete stranger impacted my life. I was in a doctor’s office picking up medical records for my husband. After a stressful day and a half, little “stress” tears ran down my face. I was sitting with my back turned so I didn’t think anyone noticed. Without saying a word a woman behind the counter came out and pressed tissues in my hand. Just a simple gesture but with kindness in it.Melanie@Bella~Mella

  2. Ahh Melanie So precious! That’s the kind of person I aspire to be! Looking out for needs right around me!

  3. What a great post Rose. I want to make a difference in the people I come in contact with. I want people to see Jesus in me so much that they want to know Him too. I also want to raise my daughter to have a passionate and awesome walk with Christ. I loved what you wrote about your grandpa’s adoption, and how it affected other’s lives. I think of that with my daughter as well. Because her birthmother chose life for her, it has affected our lives in such a powerful way. She is such a blessing to us, and is a blessing to others as well. God has used her to teach me more things than I can count. I can’t wait to see what God has in store for her life!

  4. Hi. Just stopping by to say hello to another fellow hoosier. We live in Indiana too. (Northside of town) I found your blog thru the blissfully happy housewife and saw that you were in Indy and just had to say Hi. It’s rare to see hoosiers with blogs. 🙂 Blessings, Angie

  5. You wrote the post I was trying to figure out how to write. So…thanks! :)And, what I would do? Oh….I would So want to stop the hurting for so many people. I would want to take away the undeserved pain and sorrow of the poor and lost. There is SO much I would want to do, I can’t narrow it down. I would want to be remembered for easing that pain.Great post!

  6. I worked for a long time on my “political” blog because I certainly didn’t want to offend anyone, you did yours well! It’s a tough one to do in the tense-ness of the subject.I pray that my husband and my children will never doubt my love for them!


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