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I Have been thinking a lot lately about how to deal with disappointment.

Disappointment is a part of life.

You know if I ever meet someone who has never been disappointed it probably Will mean they are either living on another planet or they simply just aren’t in touch.

I don’t like when people just pass off their disappointment as if it doesn’t matter or even exist.

It doesn’t seem genuine to me.

But neither is it fun to be around someone who is always playing the victim.

Like life is just sorry….negativity just seeps from their pores.

Unfortunately I have probably been both these people from time to time.

What is the cause of disappointment?

My first thought is:


Typically, the higher my expectations of a person or situation are the more disappointed I become when they fail..

Some of my expectations may be legitimate like, if I’m married, I can expect my husband to be faithful to me.

But what happens when my hopes are disappointed?

Because eventually they may be.


Because we’re people.

We fail.

We mess up.

We do! We do.

And if I expect something like…marriage,a baby,new job,bigger house,new community…is going to bring me only happiness I can count on this….

I WILL be disappointed.

The second thing I think about is:


When I feel left out or excluded from something I would really like to be a part of, I feel disappointment.
Because I’m rejected.
That stinks!
Really, Who enjoys that?
It’s one of the worst things ever!
To feel like you are unwanted!
When that person who you thought you would share life with walks out on you. Or when your best friend all of a sudden is no longer available for you. Or when the child whom you’ve loved since birth decides they no longer want you in their life.
Rejection is painful!

The third thing is:


You know there is this horrible thing that exists in our world called

Sin or Evil.

I hate that because of sin we live in a broken, fallen world.

It makes me sad that my nephew has to spend time in a hospital bed, because of evil.

Not because he personally deserves a punishment.

But because we all have fallen short of the glory of God.

It’s disappointing to me!

Why does he have to suffer?

Today I am going to answer my own questions by writing this song down.

I wrote it several years ago specifically with my nephew Benji in mind.

He has CF.

He was born with it.

He is my sons best friend.

We don’t understand why he was chosen to walk this road but we know that our God is good!

We believe that one day he will wipe all tears from his children’s eyes.

There will be no more pain. No more disappointment.No more fear. No more suffering.

Oh yes, We believe!

I also know that my God doesn’t ask his children to walk through anything he hasn’t himself faced.

He was rejected and despised.

He too, walked the road of suffering.
He was misunderstood. He offended many by his very presence.

I call this song,

It’s Unfair God

A little boy named Billy lay in a hospital bed
With his daddy at his side, cradling his head.
And quietly whispers, “why was I made this way
while all the other children get to run and play?”

It’s not fair! You never did a thing to deserve this.
My heart breaks to watch you go through it.
You’re my son. If I could take the pain I would try.
God only know the tears I cried!

Another boy was born, to the world one starry night
His Father sent him down, from His kingdom in the sky.
He came to show His love for us.
We nailed him to a tree. Yet with His dieing breath
He whispered,
Father forgive them.

It’s not fair! You never did a thing to deserve this!
My heart breaks to watch you go through it!
You’re my Son. If I could take the pain I would try
I only know the tears I’ve cried!

It’s unfair, God. You do not
give us what
we deserve.
No eye has seen or ear has heard, what you have prepared.

It’s not fair! You never did a thing to deserve this,
my broken heart, you came to heal it.
Sinless one. Came to be made sin for all men
Died so we are free to Live! Free to live! It’s not fair!

Yes He walked on earth and was flesh like me,
Yet in dealing with his disappointment,

He forgave.

I think that in part is my answer!


With his dieing breath he forgave.As his follower I am asked to do the same.

It is completely unfair that I have exchanged my filthy rags for his righteousness.It’s not what I deserve and yet Jesus, out of love made the way for me.

Maybe I can make room in my heart today for that same love.


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  1. A moving post.I tell my children they should be glad that life is not fair. There is a flip side to not getting what you deserve – like grace.Melanie@Bella~Mella

  2. I was not aware Rose that you write songs,much less have recorded your own CD girlfriend! Way to go! Dave Slaubaugh (Sr)shared that with me when I was visiting my parents in OH…I was telling him how neat it has been to reconnect with you on Facebook and your blog.I really enjoy you on both, God has given u some very special talents and thanks for sharing them with us in blogland! Love ya!

  3. Thanks Amy! You are such an encourager! I do love to write.It’s cheaper than therapy!!!I have really loved keeping track of you too:)! Love your stories and recipes! I am hooked!

  4. You have moved me to tears…I sobbed…I’ve been going thru the exclusion phase and now going thru the forgiveness phase…it can be so lonely! And oo so heart-wrenching to the utterpart of the gut and the heart!!! When I seen you out with your girlfriends on your other post, I wanted to shiver…the longing of what I once had! It was the first time I let myself cry because I knew that the ocean would erupt!! But I can rejoice because I know that the forgiveness is sooooo freeing and He lets me hit all these obstacles because it presents an opportunity to improve my condition.Your song is beautiful!! Thanks for opening the door for “my flood!!”

  5. What a BEAUTIFUL song you’ve written!!! Oh my…so precious..heartfelt…and true!!! You are VERY talented.Thank-you too, for this beautiful post…you are right..disappointment IS part of life…yet, nothing happens in our lives, that FIRST doesn’t pass through our Saviors hands.Blessings Rose!

  6. You are a talented woman. SO gifted with words. I love your thoughts here. Thank you for sharing them.

  7. Such good thoughts Rose!! The song is beautiful!! Have a wonderful week…looks like you had a wonderul Birthday!!=)

  8. Your ‘mini sermon’ touched my heart. Thanks for sharing.


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