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The window to the soul right?

Do you ever look into someones eyes and see the soul? Do you ever actually take the time?

Over the holidays we have been doing a lot of “watching”. Especially old home movies. It is one of my favorite things to do and yet we so rarely take the time to dig through those old tapes and DVDs.

My kids think it is so much fun to see themselves as little babies and toddlers.

Whenever I do this I become so melancholy about how time flies. It was only a few years ago and yet those days have passed me by never to be recaptured!

I sigh as I remember some of the physical and emotional strain of having toddlers and babies but I also recognize that those moments we had were priceless.

And I know that today is no different. Someday I will look back on these days of elementary and middle school and I will only have pictures except…

for the footprint that is left in my heart.

They have “ruined” me forever…..

In a good way…

I don’t have a lot of great external accomplishments to show in my life.

I am not applauded in a vast arena of people.

I do not have a great degree behind my name.

I do not possess great wealth or beauty.

But I am irreplaceable to these people I share space with. I am the only mother they have.

I am the only woman who has been entrusted with these little lives.

The question I ask myself is this:

“What eyes am I teaching them to see with?”

When I am so hurried in my life what do they see?

Am I teaching them to move so quickly through the day that they don’t have time to stop and enjoy the present?

When I’m typing on my computer and my 5 year old says to me,”mama, you tell us that we should look someone in the eyes when they speak to us, please look at me”. Am I teaching them to really see and listen to others with their whole heart?

I have this one chance. This one chance to get it right!

Not a guilt inducing, I can never do it good enough, kind of thing but rather, just the acknowledgement of a responsibility that is far greater than I alone can handle.

My goal is to do this not just well…

It is to aim for excellence. To be wise. To pray for them dilligently.

In the end if the eyes truly are a window to the soul

I pray that these eyes will always be happy!


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  1. Great post Rose! A great reminder for all of us!

  2. How poignant. Thanks for the inspiring words!

  3. Isn’t being a mother the most precious “job” we could hope for?! What a lovely post!! Thanks so much for your comment :), The reason I was in IN was because that’s where my parents live (and where this Hoosier girl grew up!) and there’s a place where Dad and I hunt together! It’s too much fun :)! Here’s wishing you a wonderful new year!!

  4. Love this post Rose! Just being mom is the greatest title that God gave us! My goal for 2009 is to really appreciate all I have and to slow down and truly appreciate my boys (all 4 of them)!

  5. That’s so sweet.I love it. I pray that for my children too.

  6. Oh Rose I just love this. You are sooo right! Love your new blog look.

  7. Oh my goodness, this is so beautiful. And so true. I’m going to start being more intentional about this…really listening with my heart when my baby talks to me, taking time to soak in the little moments.

  8. So true Rose. Time really does go by so fast, and we need to treasure each day with our children and those we love. I need to remember to slow down and enjoy time with my daughter, because I can’t get that time back once it is gone.


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