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New Years…Do you make promises?

What is it about a New Year that makes us decide the time has come to make promises?
In my mind…I know I can make myself promises any day of the week but somehow a new year makes it seem more important.
And on that note why do I make the same promises every year?
Like for the past 15 years I decide that I will lose those extra pounds I gained during November and December.

It’s standard….I always know what my New Year’s resolution will be.

10 pounds by swimsuit weather….which gives me lots of time here in Indiana. Cause we know that to break out anything like that until the first of June is just a fantasy.
It does help if I plan a trip south during February.
Swimsuit weather comes sooner.

The whole thing…making promises…slipping back into old habits….realizing I’m in a rut….and therefore making a new promise, is a very frustrating cycle for me.

I like to think of myself as more mature than that, and yet I make these trips far too often. I make resolves to spend more time in the Word, to really grow in my spiritual walk, and for a season I feel especially close to the Father and than I cycle into distractedness or distrust and I find myself wondering “how did I get to this place?”

I don’t know all the answers to cycles. I am not educated in Psychology, but I do know that to “give up” is not the answer either!

I can’t.

It’s part of the journey.

Peeks and valleys

Victory and defeat

Summer and Winter

All I know is that my God says “my mercies are new every morning”….

That is reassuring to me…that tells me that he understands I will need his mercy. I will need to be pulled up from the pit and given a 2nd chance or maybe 365 chances to make it through each day.
So instead of waiting until January 1 to make all these great promises maybe I should thank him each day that I have a new beginning. A fresh start. A place to try again.

So it begins today on December 31….
I resolve….to believe…..that He is able!


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  1. Amen! Me, too, RosyRose. Melanie@Bella~Mella

  2. RosyRose, I just love that name, it totally fits you! I found you thru somewhere!! This blogging thing is amazing but I am not tech-friendly so I will just sit back and be inspired by you and your thoughts!! Just wanted to say Hi and tell you I stopped by! Blessings, Kathryn

  3. I fully agree with you Rose! I love the honest and sincere way you express yourself, you have a God-given gift!!

  4. Great thoughts Rose…now to act on them that is where I struggle. Happy New Year!!

  5. Happy New Year to you! Resolutions..nahhh..I post about that tomorrow!-sandy toes


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