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Carmel Winner

A new week….And you know what? We have so many Christmas parties this week I only have to cook 1 night! And really not even then, because I plan to heat up leftovers from our party last night. I will post pictures of the party with the recipes of the dishes I served on tomorrows post.

But today we have a winner!

The winner was DIANE YUTZY…Yeah, Diane…I will contact you on FB to get your address.

And in the Spirit of the Season I decided to be generous and pick one more # out of the hat and so my second winner is:

STACIE from Indy…Yeah Stacie~ I will also contact you on FB…

Thank you all for your kind, kind, comments. You all sure know how to make a girl feel good!
I’ll see you tomorrow~


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  1. Lucky to be me…because I got those yummy, yummy carmels as a gift with a mug and hot chocolate last night at the Awesome Christmas Party!!! Thanks so much! I can feel my hips widening as I sit her typing. 🙂

  2. One night…now that is gift!-sandy toes

  3. Hey. I have a good friend in Michigan that just e-mailed me and said she made the caramels from your blog!! She said they were fabulous!!! Also, I talked to Stacy this morning and she was pretty pumped about winning!!!I’m thinking of doing a give away now….hmmmmm…….J


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