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I like Junk…

I do, I like stuff that people think is of no value.
Just to clarify….I don’t like trash. Not Garbage so please don’t call me tomorrow with some 2 liter bottles you need to discard.

Jason is a remodeler by trade so it works really well for me to collect items like this. Plus he is so handy that if I need his help measuring or using power tools he can do it! Oh yes he can!
He has lots of old windows…some of which he brings home and stores in our shop.

One day I decided I needed a table so I went out and found me some windows to make a “window table”.
I told Jason what I was thinking He put some screws in the sides to hold it in place. I painted it with gold and green patina paint and this was the result…

Well, of course it didn’t come with all that fancy stuff on top….

Here is a picture of the side. Oh and that can? Yep, junk!

Here are a couple of other ways I used old windows…

As a coat hook.

As a picture frame over my bed.

As towel hooks in my bathroom.

If I think long enough I may even be able to figure out a way to build my new house strictly out of recycled windows!

Do you have any neat ideas to do with junk?


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  1. Wow, I am impressed! I love the window table. That is beautiful! I love the picture frame that is over your bed too. That is so creative! You could be on that HGTV show that does the segment “Trash to Treasure”. That is awesome :).

  2. Great job Rose! I can’t wait till next year when we are in our home, then I can get so much more excited about decorating than I am this year! So are you getting ready to build?

  3. So crafty! You go girl! By the way, when I drove by your house I noticed your front porch looks absolutely beautiful and cozy. Don’t be surprised if you see me all curled up out there one morning!! Ha!!!Jamie

  4. That is so cool! I am so impressed! You could start your own business Rose! very inspiring!

  5. Wow! It all looks so good. I am not good with junk at, all I see is an old window! I am an accountant lacking creativity!!


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