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All I wanted was a cookie

Do you know what these brown eyes can do to my heart? Well, I am completely taken with her!

Yes Mam, she had me at hello.

But you know what? It’s even worse with her daddy. She has him wrapped around her finger.
And this kind of thing really helps in the wrapping process.

Last week I was gone over lunch one day. She came dancing up to her daddy and said:

“I want a cookie.”

Jason: “Well, let’s see, it’s really lunch time . There’s 2 different kinds of soup in the refrigerator”.

Sophie: “I had soup yesterday”.

Jason: “There’s Spaghetti in there too”.

Sophie: “I don’t really like that”.

Jason went in to a long, meaningful monologue about the importance of thankfulness and How so many children like Rhema(a girl we sponsor from Tanzania)would love to have so many food choices. After this 5 minute speech this was her response.

Sophie looked at him with a puzzled look and said:

“Dad, all I wanted was a cookie”.


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  1. She is a doll baby! How could you say no to that? Love the new picture at the top of all the kids…good looking bunch you have there!

  2. She is so very sweet. I love that quote. I too love your new picture on the top of the blog. Say, How did you get the black edge on the picture?? Will you show me sometime?

  3. OH..she is so cute!!! That is something my husband would do..they balance us out!-sandy toes

  4. HA! Isn’t it great when we want to impart these great lessons on our kids and they think WAAAY too simply to give a hoot. Or so it seems. I’m sure it’s sinking in! With eyes like those, it has GOT to sink in! 🙂

  5. What a honey doll!!! There is something SO sweet about our little girls.Blessings friend.

  6. Oh my, she is just such a cutie! I can see how it would be hard not to give in to her with a face like that :). She is beautiful!


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