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December 1…Germ Out Day

Today I’m Thinking about this….

And I’m remembering this…

And feeling kind of sweaty as I remember this day with the stifling heat in the upper deck at the Sox game.
And let’s just be honest, the trees were beautiful in October! And I could go out without 14 layers! And the nights were a bit frosty but the morning Sun was so amazing!

And Today December 1, I don’t really know what to say except I’m not gonna depend on the weather to bring me my joy. I could go down the whole “I wish how I wish to be in a warm, warm place right now”. Or I can just remember how that guy in front of me smelled on that hot day at the ball park and be thankful for the freeze.
How else are we gonna get rid of all those germs?
Thanks Father for Killing the germs. And thanks for warm socks for my toes. Thank you for hot coffee and blankets.
You are good even when the weather is Icy cold!

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  1. Oh those pictures of the pool made me go into convulsions. I miss those days of sleepin’ in and goin’ to the pool every day it wasn’t raining. But I did put up Christmas decorations today and really enjoyed it so much to see the snow falling so beautifully. Missed you yesterday!!!! See you WEdnesday…right? 🙂

  2. Those pictures are wonderful!!!! I am trying to “appreciate” winter for what it was intended. To make mom’s crazy by keeping kids indoors. That’s it right? HA!


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