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Happy Thanksgiving

******Editors note******
For all of you wondering about the quilt I don’t have instructions written down but this is a step by step in how I sew it:
1. Pick out various material to cut into squares.
2. Cut 6 1/2 x 6 1/2 squares (I have a quilters measuring square this size)
3. For a twin size bed you will need 77 for the top and 77 for the back. (I use flannel for the back)
4. Sew the front to the back in an X pattern across the front.
5. After all your squares are together lay them out on the floor in the design you want.
6. I pick up the rows in the order. You will want to lay your material so the wrong sides are together(the backs) So the seam is face up with a 1 inch seam(it’s backwards of most seams) You can look at the picture if you don’t understand.
7. Take your first row and start sewing square to square with a 1 inch seam.
8. Sew the entire row.
9. Do the same with the next row and so on…
10. When all your rows are together start back with your first row. Sew it to the 2nd row and so on. Remember you will have a 1 inch seam sticking up.
11. When everything is together sew the perimeter of the quilt in a 1 inch seam as well.
12. Now the fun begins. You need a good scissors. Start cutting the material where ever the seams are sticking up. This will give you the rag finish at the end. Cutting the fabric frays it when you wash it. You can cut as much as you want down to the thread. I usually just cut small because I don’t want to risk cutting my thread. Cut around the perimeter as well.
13. This takes awhile. After you are done cutting shake the quilt out and put it in the washer/dryer. You will want to stop the dryer about 1/2 way through and clean out the lint. It produces lots of lint! When it is completed shake outside because it will shed like crazy!
Happy Thanksgiving Friends!

I am so thankful for the blessings I have been given. For friends and family, for health and freedom. For shelter and a warm bed; for plenty of food and water. For a shower that I can refresh my body under.
I am most thankful today that this world isn’t where I will always be. That someday my heavenly Father will return and take us home to a place that no eye has seen, no ear has heard and no mind can conceive. I am looking for that day with great anticipation!
May you have a blessed and wonderful Thanksgiving as you reflect on all you have been given!

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  1. AMEN! Have a great day!!!!

  2. Happy Thanksgiving to you too!

  3. Great reminders of all freedoms and blessings we enjoy every single day!!! Happy Thanksgiving to you too!

  4. Happy Thanksgiving! That is one amazing quilt! I may have to live vicariously through you for a while! 🙂


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