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Sunday Lazies

If you are like us some Sunday’s can seem anything but restful. On mornings I lead the worship or when Jason preaches we like to come home and crash the rest of the day. I mostly just want to be lazy.
When I was growing up my family often had popcorn, ice cream and an occasional egg sandwich on Sunday evenings.
After a LONG nap today I got up and shuffled back to the computer. Gotta get my fix….
After what seemed like 2 minutes(really 1 hour)my little munchkin Sophie came racing in to the office….”mom we forgot supper!”
So this was on for supper tonight:
Yummy, buttery popcorn, lemonade, little turkey bites, string cheese, and brownies!
Don’t call the nutrition police on me!

Do you see those brown things in there? Once again, flash from the past. I was taught the tradition of putting pecans in the popcorn. Amazing!
I’ve recently started putting pretzels in too after learning this little secret from my sis-in-law!

What do you eat on Sunday evenings?


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  1. OH I love Sunday Nights and it sounds like we ate the same things growing up. My mom use to make the best egg sandwiches and of course the freshly popped lady finger popcorn was the best. We didn’t have ice cream very often so when we did it was a big treat. We use to put Nestle Quick chocolate powder on top..yummy! That is a good memory I have of my grandma Polly. I have carried over this Sunday night tradition with my family and they love it as much as I do. I try to add some kind of fruit to the mix just to add the nutritional value but the favorite is the egg sandwiches and the popcorn. I will have to try the pecans and pretzels. Sounds very good.

  2. Well….last night for Sunday supper…was the first time I made pretzels. Your recipe…Thank you very much! They were very DELISH!!!

  3. I am coming to your house on Sunday night! Now that is my kind of supper. I love pecans…I will try that with the popcorn!

  4. We always had popcorn too. My family doesn’t appreciate that though. They think they need a meal. Whatever. I love to put grated parmesan on my popcorn with butter. YUM-O!!

  5. Supper on Sunday’s? Not a chance! Often popcorn, and grape juice if I’m not too lazy to schlepp to the basement to the canning room. Lately we’ve been on a root-beer float habit. It’s taken my kids years to quit asking “what’s for supper?”!


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