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Happy to be a nobody

Do you love to eat out as much as I do? It’s the whole thing….

I love to get ready to go. I love to think about what I’m going to order, I love the smell of food as I walk into a restaurant and just the whole idea that my growling stomach doesn’t mean that I’m going to have to do anything but tell someone else what I want and then I wait for that exact beautiful presentation to be placed in front of me.

We got to experience this on Saturday evening with our friends Ted and Rolanda.

Sorry about the really horrible camera phone pictures! You look so cute with your new hair, Rolanda!

We were told by our waitress that we were very fortunate to have a table since we didn’t make reservations.
Who Knew?
Last time Jason and I came here there were only about 6 people in the place for the entire evening! But tonight they had every table full….And one table that was set for a very important guest.

A local celebrity, a former congressmen was coming in to dine right next to us.
Oh yes, we were eating with the big names!
The Shakers and Movers of our little town.
Now I can’t tell you his name but you’ve got to know that my sister in law Regina, and I just get the biggest charge out of informing each other when we have ****** spotting’s.

Our husbands don’t find it nearly as funny as we do. But trust me it has amused us for years and that’s saying something.

Just so I wouldn’t look like a complete stalker and so I wouldn’t embarrass my dinner party(after all it’s hard to convince anyone to go out with us to begin with) I waited until after they had left to take the picture of the empty chair that hosted a certain someone for 3 hours.

Again sorry about the hideous,blurry secret, camera phone.

Seriously I could have blown my straw wrapper right at him Regina! I knew you would be full of jealousy!

So anyway as he and his friends pulled away in their BMW’s and Hummers I wondered what life is really like on that side of the fence. What would it feel like to walk into a restaurant and everyone pause to look at you as you walked in. I wonder if it’s really easy to compromise what you really believe. I wonder if you are always aware that you are being watched by people?

I don’t think that would be much fun. And once again I realize there is a price that celebrities pay.

It makes me happy that I am a nobody from nowhere who no one knows.


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  1. I loooooove going out for meals too. Often people will say that they love it because they don’t have to cook…but I don’t think that is it for me because I love cooking. I just love the EVENT of eating out. Like you said, I love getting ready to go, getting the kiddies ready, being waited on, ordering something that sounds yummy (and yes, it is nice to sit there while they make it), enjoying the conversation, and so on! Matt is the same way as me (enjoying eating out) and we always laugh because Eva is SUCH a homebody. She would rather eat dinner at home than out ANY day. Too funny!

  2. Love love love to eat out too. Love to eat in paticular. Now…about the mystery celeb. Did you really know who it was but you are not saying?? I’m confused. And really couldn’t you have pretended to take a picture of Rolanda?? Glad you got a night out, how fun!

  3. Oh yes Heather I know who he is…. I just don’t Want to identify him since this is a public blog…And I was tempted to pretend on the picture taking but she was the wrong direction…Besides we thought it would be more humorous this way!You don’t really believe me do you?


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