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Sad way to end a day

I’ve been busy…

This morning I went to school to help for a couple of hours. And then I went back again to have lunch with little Miss Sophie. Can I just say that it feels so good to be loved?! Kindergartens are so sweet. They all want to sit by you and talk to you and let you know what their animals names are. They are just so sweet!

So this afternoon I finally got around to finishing a little project I had started several weeks ago.

I love making these Rag Quilts. I have been making them for a number of years and love to give them as gifts. Especially for baby gifts. This is what it looks like as I am putting it together. You just cut 5 by 5 squares and sew them together. I have 7 rows of 11 squares. So it’s 144 squares of fabrics total.

Sewing 101…

So I’m finishing up the last row when I get a call from Jason.

“Hey, I’m on my way to the E.R. I cut my hand with a big piece of glass.”

“Are you okay? Are you bleeding bad?”

He assured me he was not bleeding from the brain and would be fine to drive.

The kids had all kinds of questions to ask him…

“Did you cry?”

“What did you say when it happened?”(Ahem..)

“Mom, are you gonna blog about this?”

He took pictures of the gross before bandage shot but I am repulsed by blood. I truly feel a chill from head to toe when I see other peoples blood. So here’s a more tolerable shot of his hand.

6 Stitches to get that baby closed up….Poor Guy!


It wasn’t what we needed to happen today but we are grateful it wasn’t worse!

Sorry Sweetie! I really hate to see you in pain!


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  1. Looks like if the guys want some blog time they do it by getting stitches! That is what my little Davis did. Love the quilt…I cannot even sew a button on right! Thank you for not putting the bloddy picture on the blog. I just may have passed out looking at it. I am with you on the blood thing.

  2. WOW…I’m so thankful that the cut wasn’t any worse. Yikes.You sew…GOOD for you!! Thanks for your comment…I was laughin’ out loud!!Thanks for brightening my evening friend.

  3. Poor Jason. That is a sad way to end the day! But your supper looks good….MMMmmmmm….Is that tomato soup and grilled cheese?

  4. Hi! I popped over here from Kim’s blog. Hope you don’t mind. I loved reading abut your family and your love for the simple things in life. I will be back to see what’s brewing in a few days. 🙂


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