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You wanna know about me?

Hey did you mean me??

You want to know 31 things about me???

Do I have 31 things to say?

Can I just make it up…?

Okay, I’ll be good

1.Where is your cell phone?purse
2.Your significant other?Drooling (sleeping=Drool)
3.What color is your hair?Don’t understand the question
4. Your Mother? Pleasant
5. Your Father? Organized
6. Your favorite thing?Showers
7. Your dream last night?Cloudy(is this starting to sound like a weather forecast?)
8. Your goal/dream?Heaven
9. The room your in?Living
11. Your fear?Fire
12.Where do you want to be in 6 years?Wiser
13. Where were you last night?Bowling
14. What you’re not?Tall
15. One of your wish list items?Shoe Lifts
16.Where you grew up?Indiana
17. What was the last thing you did?Kissed
18. What are you wearing?Cotton
19. Your TV?Fox
20.Your Pet?Snickers
21. Your computer?Slow
22. Your mood?Sleepy
23.Your car?Odyssey
24. Something you’re not wearing?goggles
25. Missing someone?Someone
26. Your favorite store?Ann Taylor
27. Your summer?Flew
28. Love someone?Lots of Someones
29. Your favorite color?Red
30. When is the last time your laughed?Tonight
31. When is the last time you cried?Yesterday

Okay, I tag you, Brandi…


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  1. Numvber 3 cracks me up. Just wanted to let you know that my apple buttah arrived safe and sound yesterday in the beautiful little box you sent it in! I’m a person who gets very excited over details like that box! So thank you, because we’re going to enjoy it immensely! Don’t forget, Sunday is recipe day at my place.


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