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Happy Thanksgiving

******Editors note******
For all of you wondering about the quilt I don’t have instructions written down but this is a step by step in how I sew it:
1. Pick out various material to cut into squares.
2. Cut 6 1/2 x 6 1/2 squares (I have a quilters measuring square this size)
3. For a twin size bed you will need 77 for the top and 77 for the back. (I use flannel for the back)
4. Sew the front to the back in an X pattern across the front.
5. After all your squares are together lay them out on the floor in the design you want.
6. I pick up the rows in the order. You will want to lay your material so the wrong sides are together(the backs) So the seam is face up with a 1 inch seam(it’s backwards of most seams) You can look at the picture if you don’t understand.
7. Take your first row and start sewing square to square with a 1 inch seam.
8. Sew the entire row.
9. Do the same with the next row and so on…
10. When all your rows are together start back with your first row. Sew it to the 2nd row and so on. Remember you will have a 1 inch seam sticking up.
11. When everything is together sew the perimeter of the quilt in a 1 inch seam as well.
12. Now the fun begins. You need a good scissors. Start cutting the material where ever the seams are sticking up. This will give you the rag finish at the end. Cutting the fabric frays it when you wash it. You can cut as much as you want down to the thread. I usually just cut small because I don’t want to risk cutting my thread. Cut around the perimeter as well.
13. This takes awhile. After you are done cutting shake the quilt out and put it in the washer/dryer. You will want to stop the dryer about 1/2 way through and clean out the lint. It produces lots of lint! When it is completed shake outside because it will shed like crazy!
Happy Thanksgiving Friends!

I am so thankful for the blessings I have been given. For friends and family, for health and freedom. For shelter and a warm bed; for plenty of food and water. For a shower that I can refresh my body under.
I am most thankful today that this world isn’t where I will always be. That someday my heavenly Father will return and take us home to a place that no eye has seen, no ear has heard and no mind can conceive. I am looking for that day with great anticipation!
May you have a blessed and wonderful Thanksgiving as you reflect on all you have been given!

It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas…

I did something I don’t think I have ever done before….
I started decorating for Christmas before Thanksgiving!
With all the snow starting so early I have been playing Christmas music for weeks already! But I did refrain from putting up the tree. That is always done the weekend after Thanksgiving in our house. The kids want to make sure I don’t do it without them.
I’m not gonna lie, it was kind of nice to decorate this year without lots of little “helpers”.
This is a my season shelf that sits up about 8 feet in the air. I stood on a bar stool and then held my camera way above my head to get this shot.
I don’t have any lights up outside yet either. I am thinking about having a Christmas open house(we are selling our home) So any early decorating I can do will help me later.

Remember this from last week? Well it’s done and I wanted to show it to you. If you are looking for an easy project to do for Christmas gifts this would be an idea. I really mean it when I say I don’t sew. I don’t hem. But this is such a no-brainer even I can do it!
The most time consuming part is the cutting. You cut lots of squares. You will need 144 for this size quilt. You can use old jeans if you have some on hand. I often use jean and corduroy.
This one is for Malaina and these are “her” colors.

I am going to be part of the Blogging Christmas Open House over on the side bar. I would love to see your homes as well.

Are you doing some fun projects for Christmas? I would love to hear what they are.

I have a funny little random quote from Sophie. She was playing chess, yes, I said chess. (whatever happened to hi-ho-cheerio???)
Sophie: Mom, I won the game.
Me: You did?
Sophie: Yep, I was playing my imaginary friend and I beat her!! WHOO WHO!
Excellent! Stiff Competition!

Happy to be a nobody

Do you love to eat out as much as I do? It’s the whole thing….

I love to get ready to go. I love to think about what I’m going to order, I love the smell of food as I walk into a restaurant and just the whole idea that my growling stomach doesn’t mean that I’m going to have to do anything but tell someone else what I want and then I wait for that exact beautiful presentation to be placed in front of me.

We got to experience this on Saturday evening with our friends Ted and Rolanda.

Sorry about the really horrible camera phone pictures! You look so cute with your new hair, Rolanda!

We were told by our waitress that we were very fortunate to have a table since we didn’t make reservations.
Who Knew?
Last time Jason and I came here there were only about 6 people in the place for the entire evening! But tonight they had every table full….And one table that was set for a very important guest.

A local celebrity, a former congressmen was coming in to dine right next to us.
Oh yes, we were eating with the big names!
The Shakers and Movers of our little town.
Now I can’t tell you his name but you’ve got to know that my sister in law Regina, and I just get the biggest charge out of informing each other when we have ****** spotting’s.

Our husbands don’t find it nearly as funny as we do. But trust me it has amused us for years and that’s saying something.

Just so I wouldn’t look like a complete stalker and so I wouldn’t embarrass my dinner party(after all it’s hard to convince anyone to go out with us to begin with) I waited until after they had left to take the picture of the empty chair that hosted a certain someone for 3 hours.

Again sorry about the hideous,blurry secret, camera phone.

Seriously I could have blown my straw wrapper right at him Regina! I knew you would be full of jealousy!

So anyway as he and his friends pulled away in their BMW’s and Hummers I wondered what life is really like on that side of the fence. What would it feel like to walk into a restaurant and everyone pause to look at you as you walked in. I wonder if it’s really easy to compromise what you really believe. I wonder if you are always aware that you are being watched by people?

I don’t think that would be much fun. And once again I realize there is a price that celebrities pay.

It makes me happy that I am a nobody from nowhere who no one knows.

Sunday Lazies

If you are like us some Sunday’s can seem anything but restful. On mornings I lead the worship or when Jason preaches we like to come home and crash the rest of the day. I mostly just want to be lazy.
When I was growing up my family often had popcorn, ice cream and an occasional egg sandwich on Sunday evenings.
After a LONG nap today I got up and shuffled back to the computer. Gotta get my fix….
After what seemed like 2 minutes(really 1 hour)my little munchkin Sophie came racing in to the office….”mom we forgot supper!”
So this was on for supper tonight:
Yummy, buttery popcorn, lemonade, little turkey bites, string cheese, and brownies!
Don’t call the nutrition police on me!

Do you see those brown things in there? Once again, flash from the past. I was taught the tradition of putting pecans in the popcorn. Amazing!
I’ve recently started putting pretzels in too after learning this little secret from my sis-in-law!

What do you eat on Sunday evenings?

Micah’s Birthday

So my second son Micah is turning 9. Technically not for 1 more week but his birthday happens to fall on Thanksgiving Day so since we are already overeating that day we planned his party last night. In order to continue on in good standing with my dear son I was forced into it. Did I just say forced? Of course not!

Seriously, if I am really honest birthday parties are strictly my way of saying I love you and I will sacrifice my sanity, checkbook, and wrinkle free face(well not so much anymore)all out of love!

He invited 3 friends from school and 1 from church. What a riot! And when I say riot I mean it in the most literal sense…..

Look at these cute boys. Do you know what 3rd grade boys like to talk about? I can tell you… It’s mostly about farting, peeing, burping and what girls are the stinkiest.(code word for “WE REALLY are in LOVE with HER)They sure aren’t hard to feed though! No picky eaters with pizza and DQ Icecream cake! So here is that adorable birthday boy with his colorful cake. Just so you know his dad picked it out. I was concerned that it may appear a little “girly”but he said it was all they had left. No worries they ate it up like champs!
Here is Micah and his friend Braden. It has been especially fun for Micah this year because Braden has been his church friend but recently moved to our school district and now is in Micah’s class as well. We are thrilled about this.
Anthony and Andrew…Way too much fun over pizza!
And here is Micah with his sisters….They went along but didn’t get to bowl.

I gotta tell you we have a little history with Micah’s parties. Two years ago we wanted to go to this little pottery shop called pottery smottery. We planned a night, invited a friend and headed out. But guess what, we got there and they were closed. I guess they aren’t open every night of the week, and someone didn’t call to find out about that little important fact. (Ahem)
Last year he wanted a sledding party. Well sledding is sporadic in this part of the world. So as not to bore you with the facts, I’ll just say we planned 3 different times to go sledding, finally at the end of January we got his party done with less then an inch of snow on the ground. Excellent!

This year we planned on bowling and eating rubbery pizza at the alley. As we pulled into the lot we realized that most of the county was here tonight. I called the front desk….
He: “we are booked all night”.
Me: “But you don’t understand I have 8 kids here squealing with glee, you can’t do this to me”!
I didn’t really say that but I was thinking it!
So instant change of plans; we will just drive across town to the old alley that smells of stale smoke and bowl there. No problem right?
I called and he said: “we don’t have anything available till 8:00!
I said “we will take it”.
He: “sorry we don’t take reservations on weekends”
Oh no, he wasn’t going to let me down so quickly!
Me: “Can I come put my name in’?
He: “No we won’t take names”.
Great! Well, we will just go get pizza and come back.
After pizza and cake we headed over there. These kids are bursting and I was not about to disappoint them!
We walk up to the desk and this young, teenager is at the desk alone.
Me: “We need a lane please”
He: “Sorry we won’t have anything until after 9”.
Me: ” I called and you said after 8. It’s only 7:30″
He: “Well sorry some lanes opened up and I gave them away”.
Me: “Well, we’ll just wait until one opens”.
He: “Maybe one will open up over there pretty soon”.
Me: “Okay can I give you my name so I can get that lane?”
He: “Sorry I don’t take names”(He really had a thing about that)
Me: “Okay, I guess I will just stand here until a lane opens up then”.
Seriously, sometimes I can just be so annoying!
He: “Well, you don’t have to do that”!
Me: “I really need a lane, I’ve got 6 boys who are here for a birthday party and they really want to play.”
Me to Jason “I’ll go let the kids open gifts”.
Jason: “I’ll hang around up here”.
Don’t you love that when your husband fights for the cause with you! Me too!
So we opened gifts and like magic in 5 minutes that lane opened right up! Isn’t that amazing how that works? So here they are bowling their little hearts out…

This boy has moves….

Man does he have moves!
Here are Micah and Andrew…Big Buddies.
And the final scores…..
It was so good to hear my little boy come down this morning and say

“That was my best birthday ever”! I am so glad!

I am grateful that I have been given the chance to mother this young man!

He is the one that has us laughing until we fall down and while we are down there we start praying like fanatics. He is intensely intense! Passionately Passionate! We love his soft heart and steel determination. He doesn’t let us get by with much. He has a quick wit and is very creative.

Next year I think I may just plan him a party that does not include dependence on another business or the weather.

I really just can’t handle all the stress!

Sad way to end a day

I’ve been busy…

This morning I went to school to help for a couple of hours. And then I went back again to have lunch with little Miss Sophie. Can I just say that it feels so good to be loved?! Kindergartens are so sweet. They all want to sit by you and talk to you and let you know what their animals names are. They are just so sweet!

So this afternoon I finally got around to finishing a little project I had started several weeks ago.

I love making these Rag Quilts. I have been making them for a number of years and love to give them as gifts. Especially for baby gifts. This is what it looks like as I am putting it together. You just cut 5 by 5 squares and sew them together. I have 7 rows of 11 squares. So it’s 144 squares of fabrics total.

Sewing 101…

So I’m finishing up the last row when I get a call from Jason.

“Hey, I’m on my way to the E.R. I cut my hand with a big piece of glass.”

“Are you okay? Are you bleeding bad?”

He assured me he was not bleeding from the brain and would be fine to drive.

The kids had all kinds of questions to ask him…

“Did you cry?”

“What did you say when it happened?”(Ahem..)

“Mom, are you gonna blog about this?”

He took pictures of the gross before bandage shot but I am repulsed by blood. I truly feel a chill from head to toe when I see other peoples blood. So here’s a more tolerable shot of his hand.

6 Stitches to get that baby closed up….Poor Guy!


It wasn’t what we needed to happen today but we are grateful it wasn’t worse!

Sorry Sweetie! I really hate to see you in pain!

Wonder Boy

We had a continuation of snow from yesterday. I still think it’s beautiful but in 48 hours or so it may be pushing its luck…

This morning I took the kids to school and I can not lie … I laughed out loud at my son’s misfortune. Now that you all think I am a completely uncaring and cruel, heartless mother I will try to paint a picture for you.

When I drop my two youngest off at their school Jalen catches a bus that transports him to another school. This morning we were cutting it pretty close so Jalen knew that if he was going to catch the bus he would have to get all his stuff together, bail out of the van and sprint down to where the buses were ready for take off. I prepared him about a block before to start gathering his things together.

Well, I must explain first that yesterday I went out and bought my boys these new bags because the ones they were carrying had holes so big they could fit a small animal through them. So, me being an “in touch” mom knew that the bag to carry these days is not one that you strap onto your back but more like a laptop bag. So basically it will not accommodate much more then papers, folders, and maybe a lightly packed lunch bag. Definitely not a pair of boots, gloves and snow pants. Since we were running late I had them just grab their extra winter wear in their hands which was a huge mistake. Huge!

So back to planning our method of deployment in the most expedient way possible….

I, as quickly as I can, without looking like a drunk mother bringing her children to school, buzz up to the corner to drop him off. He has decided that he is going to run on the outside of the school since the buses will see him and will possibly hold off moving if there is a child running toward them.

He says “Goodbye” and then “Oh, No!”

He had picked up his new bag the wrong way and all contents were now on the floor of the van.

“Try to hurry”, I encourage.

“I can’t get the zipper closed” he says.

Finally he gathers it all together along with boots and snow pants. He hops out of the van and promptly loses a boot.

I get out to help, I am now a traffic jammer. I zip his bag, gather his boots, stuff them in his arms and say “Love you, Now Run Forrest, Run”!

And then I get the giggles. I just start laughing and laughing and he does the same.

He runs but about half way between here and there he drops that dratted boot again!


No movement from the bus driver. I am sure she was completely mesmerized by the whole thing!

Finally he reaches the bus…

“Oh MY!”

He wipes out right there by the door of the bus.

He gets up but “Oh no”, he completely wipes out again!

A teacher comes to the rescue. And I sit in my van watching and saying “Oh no,” and then covering my mouth and then “Oh, No” again. The teacher helped him walk the rest of the way to his bus….

And the traffic behind me continues to grow until I am forced to leave the scene of the accident.

This afternoon he walks in and says “this definitely was not my day!” Poor Jalen! I am so sorry!

Tomorrow I will be better prepared for these snowy mornings of November, I promise!