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For His pleasure we were created

Football is the sport of choice right now with Jalen and Micah. Aren’t they so ruggedly handsome?

Jason is so pleased! Might I just be real honest here and say I think he lives a little vicariously through them. He loves it as much as they do.

Yes. they absolutely love it! I really shouldn’t be surprised. After all this is the one time when they can wrestle someone to the ground and not be sent to their room to think about how anger can over take our common sense and how they need to make better choices in venting feelings.

No, in football they have people screaming from the sidelines “crush, crush”. And really interesting phrases like that! I know I tend to be a bit overprotective of my kids so maybe it’s just me but when I see other kids being taken off the field on stretchers I just can’t help but cover my eyes sometimes. Jalen is not a very big kid in fact he is the second smallest on his team but he makes up for his size with his quickness. He plays the defensive line! He has a warrior instinct …yep all about the swords, knives and in general “packing heat” stuff. I have tried to allow him these pleasures because according to some (i.e. “Wild at heart”, or Dr Dobson’s “Bringing up Boys) it is good for boys to do these things. It’s normal they say. Don’t squelch the warrior instinct. I am completely lost on these matters! For instance when my boys have their friends over within 5 minutes of their arrival they are in a heap on the floor trying to pin each other. How bazaar is that? I don’t get it! But I have tried my hardest to just allow them to “Be Boys”. Somewhere within me I just feel the need to blame someone for all this weird behavior. So lately I have taken to looking at Jason with the “this is your fault” look! He looks back at me with the “who me”? look. Then we both agree, “No, this is really our brother’s fault”! Don’t ask me why—they just aren’t around to defend themselves.

And then we have Malaina who is playing volleyball this year. I love volleyball! It is my sport of choice! I know volleyball. I understand what’s going on out there. Nobody comes barreling across the net to “crush” their opponent. It is a civil game. The hardest thing for me about watching volleyball is that I am not out there playing.

Melissa and Malaina- our neighbor and friend

So I was thinking, God really did make us different for a reason!
We don’t choose what we have been made for. I am made for a completely different purpose then what God designed you to do or be. Sometimes it’s so easy to look around and think “you know, those girls they look like they have it made! You know the famous “More” sisters? They have “more” talent, “more” friends, “more” money, “more” beauty…

So maybe what he wants from me is contentment in the “game” he put me in.He created me to nurture these 4 little people and support and respect my guy. He put me in a neighborhood, church, family and community that he planned out for me. What could be “more” important for me then this?
We will all leave an impact on our world. The choice is ours—will we leave a sweet smell or a bad taste.

For you created my inmost being; you knit me together in my mother’s womb. I praise you because I am fearfully and wonderfully made; your works are wonderful, I know that full well. Psalm 139:13,14

I hope you know how wonderfully made you are!


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  1. So true my friend. It kind of echos what I said yesterday in my post. I actually just ran across that quote again in a book this morning.I’m with ya on the boys vs. girls thing though. I’ve read a bit about raising a son because it is all new to me (I don’t have any brothers). Jaden’s personality is definitely different from Eva’s and I want to nurture each of their individual personality traits. I want each of them to grow to be the best they are meant to be.Love the pictures…Malaina is getting so big!

  2. Amen. I really appreciate what you said about contentment. Sometimes when we get caught up in the rat race of life we just need to stop and remember WHO is really in control….and thank Him for the circumstances He has put us in.I hope you don’t mind that I found your blog. I found you through a comment you had left on Jamie’s. Thanks again for your help today in the room!

  3. hey ashlie- you dear, are welcome any day of the week. I so look forward coming into your class. You do such a great job and are such a calming presence in the room. Thanks! Rose


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